Thursday, 25 October 2012

Ahhhh finally the holidays have arrived!! It's been a very long term, and everyone was feeling it I think, especially the kids! I'm thrilled I'm through my first sixth of my NQT year, I'm feeling a bit more settled and know more what I'm doing!! It's had its challenges, but doing what I can. We had a useful but quite melancholy Inset yesterday, on Child Protection. Followed by some adminny stuff and discussions about Christmas!!!! But didn't get round to half the stuff I needed to do, so I popped into school today for a few hours, caught up on all my marking, tidied my classroom, rearranged some stuff, did my last display, and sorted out some stuff so that I can get organised for next term! I was quite impressed!

Tomorrow I've got a bokwa class, need to do some work, hoping to get tickets for the a gig, and then we're heading out for dinner with friends! We have a busy couple of months coming up with weekends in Gower, down to Weymouth for a family christmas in November, birthdays, never mind preparing for Christmas!!!! Eeee!!

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